I recently had to match a master list with another list to see what terms matched in both lists in Excel and keep them in order. Another thing I wanted to do was to make sure if there wasn’t a match in my second list with the master list of words, that a space was inserted in the column (representing no match). Here are the steps I took to make my list in Excel (I am working in Excel 2010).

  1. Copy and paste your master list (the list with all the terms you are checking) into Column A.
  2. Copy and paste the list of words you want to see a match for against the Master list into Column B.
  3. To put the two list into alphabetical order, you can select the two columns and go to Sort–> A-Z.
  4. We will use column C as the column to match our column B data and put spaces for none matches with Column A (Master list)
  5. Select the first cell in Column C and type the following formula in the formula textbox: =IF(ISNA(MATCH(A1,B:B,0)),””,A1)
  6. Copy that formula all the way down the column (stopping at the last master list word).
  7. Now Column C will be a sorted matched list to Column A with spaces if there isn’t a word match.

I hope this helps!