I recently discovered StreamTransport, this Window’s only tool can download Hulu videos, YouTube videos, and FLV files from websites. When all other Firefox add-ons have failed, this tool can detect video and help you download it to your computer. When using this tool, please be aware of copyright laws and if you are going to use the video, please contact the owner and go through the proper channels before using StreamTransport to download and save the video. Here’s how to get started.

1. Download and install StreamTransport.

2.  Open StreamTransport

3. Enter the url that contains the video in the address bar of StreamTransport.

4. Click Start.

5. The webpage will appear under the url in StreamTransport.

6. Play the video. When you do, the url for the video appears under the webpage. Click on the url so it is highlighted.

7. Click the download button.

8. The video will download in a separate window.

9. When it is finished, use the Locate button to find the final video downloaded on your computer.

I hope this helps!