I was recently working in a print cascading style sheet for a website for work. We made all the design changes in the print CSS we wanted. We tested the Print Preview function out in Firefox 3.6 and noticed that it only displayed the first page in the Print Preview. In the other browsers (IE and Safari), the multiple pages showed up in the print preview.

How did we get around it? I looked at all the Cascading Style Sheets the webpage was using and copied any (and ALL) divs that had a float element in it into the print CSS (you can use the find function (control + F or command + F) in your browsers  and search for float).  I then set all the float elements to none (replacing the right or left float). This worked out, but I had a lot of floats in different style sheets. If float doesn’t fix it, you may have to change the overflow, position, width, or height elements in your print CSS.

I also used this post as a reference by Jaffer Haider: http://jafferhaider.wordpress.com/2007/12/29/fix-for-the-firefoxcss-one-page-printing-bug/

I hope this helps!