Back in June, I found a way to use ffmegX on a Mac to burn in subtitles. I have discovered 2 more ways to burn in subtitles (1 way Mac and 1 way in Windows). These are the few things that are important no matter what method you use:

1. You must use or convert to an AVI file

2. The subtitle file (.srt) must be named the same exact name as the video file (AVI)

3. The video file and the subtitle (.srt) file should reside in the same folder.

I will link to the first method I discovered in June:

The second method I used requires a Mac that has Toast Titanium. You will then have to download a free program called Perian: (make sure you have the latest version of both programs.

Method 2 (Mac): Using Toast Titanium (not free) with Perian (free)

1. Open Perian  and keep Perian open before and while you either burn a DVD using Toast Titanium or burn a ISO (which is what I did). To see if Perian is doing it’s job, open the AVI file in VLC (VideoLan Client) and see if subtitles show up (you can also check in Quicktime) when you play the video. If they do, you are ready to use Toast to burn the subtitles into the file.

2. Open Toast and choose DVD. Drop the AVI file into the space to burn. Don’t drop the srt file, but make sure the srt file is in the SAME folder as the AVI video file. If you drop the srt file in Toast you will get an error, but Perian will work it’s magic and burn the subtitles into the video, so no need to worry.

3. Choose either burn to DVD or Disc Image (Disc Image is at the bottom of the window where you dropped the video file into).

4. Burn the video. You will now either have an ISO or a burned DVD. The files will now be in a DVD structure (VOBs, etc). You can now use Handbrake to rip the ISO or DVD to convert the video into another format (like mp4).

*Note: My subtitles did get cut off when I converted the video into an mp4 using Handbrake, not sure why.

Method 3 (Windows): Any Video Converter (AVC-free)

1. Download and install AVC

2. Make sure your AVI and .srt files are in the same folder. For AVC, if you have an mp4, you can actually load the mp4 and not have to convert it into an AVI file before burning the subtitles into the file.

3. Drag and drop the video file into AVC.

4. For Output file, choose Customized AVI Movie (*.avi)

5. Highlight the file (by clicking on it) and under audio options (scroll to bottom) click on the drop down menu next to Subtitle.

6. The .srt file should appear in the drop down if the video file and the srt file are in the same folder. Choose the correct srt fie.

7. Choose the rest of your settings for the AVI and click Convert at the top of the program screen.

I hope this helps :-). Here are a few sources I used to figure these steps out and find these resources: