I recently received a Word Document (.docx) that had a series of .wav files embedded into it. I wanted to extract the audio wav files as separate files.  I tried to save the doc as an HTML file, hoping I would get the wav files, but that did not work. The way that I did extract the wav files out without having to script with VB is the following (this works in Open Office writer too):

1. Right click on the embedded file’s icon.

2. Choose Package Object, Edit Package.

3. The Object Packager window will appear outside Word (or Writer).

4. Click on File, Save Contents.

5. Name the file whatever it is named in the Object Packager window (example audio.wav), and choose where to save it.

6. Now test out the audio with an audio player installed on your computer. Repeat the steps for each file.  This could be time consuming if there are a lot of audio files embedded in the Word document.

I hope this helps!