I recently had to come up with a list of file names in a folder. Trying to highlight and copy and paste each text file name is way too time consuming. Instead,  I used the command line in Windows to copy all the file names and output them into one text file. Here’s a step by step on how to do that:

1. Click on the Start button and click Run (or if Vista or Win 7 user, press the Windows button and R button at the same time). A Run dialogue box will pop up.

2. In the Run box type “cmd”.

3. Now type “dir” to see which directory in your computer you are located.  If you want another drive letter type the drive letter after the prompt, like this  “d: “(* if you are not sure of the drive letter you can find it under My Computer, to go to another server/network, make sure it is mapped/mounted to your computer).

4. Now, to get to the folder with all the files, type” cd (name of directory)”. To move up a directory, just type “cd..”. To see all of the file names in that folder/directory type “dir”.

5. Once you have found the folder with the file names you want to copy, type “dir /b >filename.txt”. Filename will be what you want to call the text document with all the file names.

6. Now the text file will be saved in the same directory you just copied all the file names from.

I hope this helps!