I have been working in Prezi a lot the last few days and the big thing I was struggling with was how to put audio in my in Prezi so it won’t start playing until I got to that certian path point. An FLV audio file would be the best bet for now since SWF and FLV are the only audio files a Prezi can insert. Here’s how I created the audio file from Jing and Super for my Prezi (with a controller to start and stop the audio).

1. Create the audio using the screencapture software Jing (http://www.jingproject.com/ -free to sign up and use)

2. Upload the file to the screencast.com site. This is the free storage place for your screencasts Jing offers you when you sign up for an account. You can upload the screencast by pressing the Share button.

3. Go to screencast.com and find the screencast. Click on the screencast.

4. Click on the download link next to the .swf file.  Save it to your computer

5. Open up Super (http://www.erightsoft.com/SUPER.html -free to download and use).

6.  Set the output container to FLV/SWF (Flash)

7. Set the output audio codec to AAC LC

8. In the video (green) section, check the checkbox next to Disable Video.

9. In the audio section (blue), set Sampling Freq to 48000, Channels to 2, and Bitrate to 128 kbps.

10. Drop the Jing swf file into the output section.

11. Click the encode button. Choose FLV. Save the file to your computer.

12. Open up your Prezi. Select Insert and choose the FLV you created in Super.

13. You will now see a faded player with your audio. It will disappear if you do not hover over it, so I would put some text next to it so you know where it is in your Prezi.

14. To move or resize the FLV audio file (player), hold down SHIFT and click and drag a rectangular selection box around the player. Please note, you may need to draw a bigger size (height and width wise) rectangular selection box than the size of the actual FLV file (player). When you do select it (if you have text, it may select and resize that at the same time too), you will see a thin black box around the FLV audio file. You can now resize and move the FLV audio file.

I hope this helps!