We just recently started a series of technology sessions at work (not hands on like a workshop) called Technology Spotlight Sessions. They are 30 mins and very quick overview of a specific topic related to technology and education. So far we have heard that the audience likes the short 30 minute time frame. We also put up a slideshow (created in Google Docs) on our blog and create a one page (front and back) handout (that they can download) of all the points we talked about in the session (so they are not distracted by taking notes). We might start recording the screen and audio in the presentation (still working that out). I think this is a great approach to introduce people to technology and then they can either explore it on their own time or meet with us in one-on-one in depth (and hands-on) sessions. I’ll let you know how this approach turned out come May.

Are you doing training at your work? What’s your approach? Is less truly more?