I recently created a DVD that would play in my DVD player (also know as DVD authoring ). I used the Open Source program called DVD Flick. It was simple and easy to use.  Setting up the sub-menus was simple. The one thing that was a little clunky was how you can arrange your clips. You couldn’t drag and drop the order (I used it on a Windows XP machine) for the clips and when you used the buttons on the right hand side to arrange the order of the clips, it would move the clip either all the way to the top or close to the bottom. The clips I created totaled close to an hour and a half (almost a full DVD 4.7 GB). I put the burning process on Best and the process allowance to Normal. It took around 6 hours to author the DVD! (not sure if that’s normal).

Other than those little issues, it was a great and simple tool (and great for advanced users because it has other features you can set on it as well and it takes in a wide range of video and audio codecs, and you can create subtitles). The default menu designs were ok and you could preview them before applying them to your project. If you are interested in this open source program (and you need to create a DVD that will play on a DVD player or entertainment system), click on the link below: