Cooliris is a company that first received attention by making a Firefox plug-in that allowed for you to view images on a 3D wall that you could easily scroll through instead of clicking through pages of photos. This layout made it natural and easier to view a bulk of photos. I first used this plug-in to view my image search results on Google. Now Cooliris has unveiled Cooliris Express, a web based version of this plug-in that allows for you to add your photos and videos to a 3D wall and you can embed it into your blog, Twitter post, Facebook post, or website. This would be great for a presentation of a portfolio or for a presentation in class (thinking Art History as an example). You can also pull photos from other places (I’m thinking CC licensed photos on Flickr for a class presentation). Below is a step by step on how to create your own 3D photo/video wall and share it (no account registration required).

1. Go to

2. Click on the Create Your Own 3D Wall button.

3. In the Source tab under options, choose the place you will be getting your photos from (Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, RSS Feed)

4. Based off of the source, you can then tweak your wall to what you exactly want to show on the wall. For Example, with Fickr, you can import by tags, a users photostream, etc. Picasa you can choose a certain album).

5. Click OK in the source tab once you chose your filters. Your wall will populate with a preview of photos/videos. If it’s not correct, change your source settings.

6. Click the Next Button at the top.

7. You can change the appearance of the background of the 3D wall. You can also choose how many rows you want to display on the wall. The default of 3 is fine. You can check or uncheck the features of allowing the wall to have a search button or an embed button.

8. Click the Next Button at the top.

9. Choose where you want to post the wall. If can be Twitter, Facebook, a blog (WordPress, Blogger, Typepad), or your own site. Cooliris will provide you with the code. Just copy and paste it.

I hope this helps and I hope you use this tool in very unique ways!

PS My cooliris Express wall: