I recently had to export data (data in a table) from a PDF file and into an Excel format (or a format Excel can open) to edit the data. The format I chose to save the file was XML (Table in Excel Spreadsheet- go to Save As in Adobe PDF Reader, this will be an option to save the file). When I opened it in Excel, I received this error:

“Problems During Load
Problems came up in the following areas during load:


I noticed the tags where not properly closed out in the XML file. So I used an HTML editor (in this case, Dreamweaver) to find the tag errors. I noticed either a < would be in a space where the data was, and most times, these tags would have validation errors.

I copied the text and did a find and replace (pasting the text into the find text box and replacing the text with nothing). If the XML file did not load in Excel, I tried to load it in Open Office. If it loaded, I saved it as an Excel Spreadsheet. If it did not load, I tried to run the XML file in Firefox to find which lines still had validation errors and repeated the HTML editor steps.  I saved it in Excel because I had a macros to run that combined all the sheets into one sheet (found it here on Yahoo! Answers).

So if you find this error with an XML file in Excel, it maybe that your tags are not properly closed out or configured. I hope this helps!