With the semester starting soon, I have been toying with the idea of using a blog to send out changes of polices or practices to my students. I want to make sure I can communicate with them – instead of printing out paper and having them initial it every time a change is made (which seems wasteful and degrading) or putting receipts on email to see if it was read (which I detest).

I don’t want the blog to be a one way street. Sure, I would like for them to sign off that they read the new procedure in the comments section of the post, but I also want them to give me feedback and ideas on the changes. Maybe they see something from a students prospective and I did not consider or see before? Are student workers having the same issues with software, hardware, or patrons? Did something come up in an evening shift? Should we change the hours on the weekend for the lab? I want them to post it and share it. I will value it.

I also want it to be their one-stop place for anything related to their job. A link to the scheduling calendar for shifts, a link to a  live updated list of whats on reserve for the semester, email link for shift subs, a link to their online timesheets, etc.  with the sensitivity of the information, I would like to make the blog private (I know , it goes against the idea of a blog).  Why not use the social media that my students are already using to give them a voice and create a more productive and cohesive work environment. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.