This great conversion tool by allows for a person to enter in the RSS feed of their blog site (or any RSS from a site) and this tool creates a pdf newspaper (or newsletter) from the posts. If your posts have images, you can also set for the tool to include those images in the pdf. The images are not as clear as in the blog post, but it does add a nice touch to the pdf. When creating the pdf, you can also choose how the posts will show up. You can choose the posts to be arranged in ascending or descending order by date. If the RSS feed only has summaries and not the full text, you can set for the tool to grab the full text and include it in the pdf.  I would also recommend changing the title to make the pdf more personable and related to your blog brand (which you can do, by simply typing in the title textbox. ) All the features I just described can be accessed by clicking on the more options link. All you need to do is copy and paste the RSS feed url into the textbox and click Create PDF. The process was fast and simple. To learn more about the tool, click the link below: