I have been using Twitter for close to two months now. I actually had a twitter account a year ago, but just never used it. I thought why would I use this? Who cares about where I went to lunch? Then in March I created a new account and decided to give Twitter another shot.  I found some people to follow (I started out with 10). Nobody was following me. I thought that was fine. I kept reading, following others and tweeting.

Then a funny thing happened, I had some followers. I read some of their tweets, and added some of them. They liked what I had to write and I liked their insights and info on what they were writing. Twitter is a two-way street with information, but you don’t need to follow back everybody that you follow. You get out of Twitter what you put into it.

Another thing I liked about Twitter was that it was short and sweet and to the point. Much like an RSS feed. Twitter is real time, but your tweets back to another person can be asynchronous. It’s IM, but it’s not IM. It’s such a different animal, but I like it. Twitter is like Facebook, but I don’t need to friend you, and it’s open as long as you don’t lock down your Twitter account). There no games or apps or albums like Facebook, and that is the simple beauty about Twitter.

My big epiphany about Twitter came about in two months of using it. The more people I followed with all my interests (not just work, or just my hobbies, everything), the more information I received and the more followers I had. And I also started to answer or comment to other people. People I would never even known if it hadn’t been for twitter. Twitter is basically a digital Word of Mouth. It can help you grow personally and professionally. You can make great connections with experts in all kinds of fields and that’s what makes the tool exciting. You can get great instead feedback in a small blurb. I am even growing my connections with vendors, hobbyists, and other professionals. I am growing my LinkedIn network thanks to Twitter. I am digitally meeting friends of friends through Twitter. I am looking forward to using twitter in a management setting for work, but I’m going to let my knowledge of Twitter grow organically through my interactions and experiences with others first.

I also recommend using a Twitter app to tweet (I use TweetDesk). Also, give Twitter time. Just like growing relationships, it takes time to grow with Twitter.  If anybody asks me, so what do you think Twitter is all about? I will tell them “word of mouth about anything and simple connections “.