I recently had to figure out how to get the webcam attached to my computer (Win XP, MS Office 2003), to show up live in a PowerPoint presentation (without leaving the presentation). With some help from this forum (http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-919143.php -Thank you Glenna Shaw and Mike M.), I was able to get my webcam to stream live in a PowerPoint presentation.

What you’ll need:

  • PowerPoint (I have PowerPoint 2003)
  • Windows Media Encoder (free download)
  • Webcam


  1. I downloaded the Windows Media Encoder.
  2. Then I opened up PowerPoint and added a new slide.
  3. In PowerPoint I went to Insert—>Object—> Windows Media Player.
  4. I opened up Windows Media Encoder and chose Broadcast a Live Event.
  5. Choose my camera for the video and audio devices. Clicked Next.
  6. I chose Pull from Encoder
  7. I decided to click on Find Free Port but 8080 is fine.
  8. I did not change the Encoding options but you can play around to see what you like.
  9. I did not archive my broadcast
  10. I chose No to include Video Files
  11. Clicked the Finish button
  12. Click on the connections tab and copy either the LAN address or the Internet address (by clicking on the appropriate button)
  13. Click the Start Encoding button at the top of Windows Media Encoder.
  14. I went back to the PowerPoint presentation and right clicked on the Windows Media Player Object and chose Properties
  15. Click on Custom at the top of the properties and click the button with the three dots.
  16. Paste the Internet or LAN address into the File Name or URL text box.
  17. Click OK
  18. Now play your PowerPoint file and click on the play button on the Windows Media Player.

Please note: I am not sure how secure this is by broadcasting on port 8080. I am also not sure how well this would work on a Mac machine.  Also, I had a 5-10 second delay from the encoder to the PowerPoint slide. I hope this helps.