Have you ever wanted to created a still image from a movie on a DVD but didn’t want to use printscreen or other capture tools with your OS? Why not use VLC? It’s a free, open source, and cross platform media player that can take snapshots as well.  Follow these steps to get your still image from your favorite scene on a DVD.

1. Click on the play button to find the scene you want to take a screenshot.

2. Click the pause button when you find the scene.

3. Go to the Video menu, then Snapshot.

You will now have an image (usually in My Documents) of the scene

How to change the capturing preferences in VLC:

1. Go to the Tools menu, then Preferences.

2. Choose Video on the left hand side of the window.

3. Under Video Snapshots, you can change the place the image is saved, the format, and the prefix name and sequential numbering.

4. Click Save and restart VLC for these preference changes to take effect.

I  hope this helps!