Recently, I have been looking at free and easy to use website to create forums and discussion boards. I found a few, but what bothered me was the free ads sprawled all over the place and the confusing navigation. I did find a website that you can create a forum and they will host it for you. The site is Nabble. Here are some of the cool features that drew me to this site:

  • Free and remotely hosted
  • RSS feeds
  • You can allow anonymous users to post or restrict the forum to read only. When you restrict anonymous and they try to post you can prompt them to register for a username
  • You can easily make others admins by just adding their email address
  • RSS feeds are provided for the forum
  • You can have emails sent to you if somebody replies to a forum
  • You can email in a reply to the forum (which is unique to each user)
  • You can change the layout (make it look like phphBB layout and more) and appearance (add CSS or choose from a pre-existing design)
  • You can embed the forum into a webpage (love this feature and works well)
  • You can change the structure (make sub-forums, pinned topics)
  • You can search forums by using a search bar
  • Easy to set up and use, no need to know coding

The embedding of the forum works well and I tested it out. If you want to see the forum I set up, click on the link below:

Here is also a list of other sites and programs I found (may be more appropriate  for what you are trying to accomplish):

I hope this helps! Enjoy!