I have been recently working with an open source application called CDex. Cdex allows for you to rip audio out from CDs and also convert them into different file formats like wav, or mp3. You can convert audio files on your computer too. It’s a great little tool and fast. When I was first working with it, I had a few issues.

First, I would customize the settings for the mp3 for the bitrate, but everything I closed the settings they would revert back to the old ones. This was not helpful and super time consuming. Not matter what I did, it would not stay. The second issue I had was the DVD/CD drives in my machine were not being recognized by CDex, so I could not rip out tracks. No matter what I did, the drives did not show. Both this issues had the same problem. Here’s the simple solution.

I needed to be logged into the machine with a admin account. Yep, simple as that. I racked my brains all morning, so now you don’t have to. Hope this helps!

Link to CDex: http://sourceforge.net/projects/cdexos/