I recently wanted to batch upload 38 users into a Blackboard organization. So I opened TextEdit in Mac OSX, filled in the proper information : “org ID”,”user ID”,”Role-S,P”. Every time I uploaded the text file, received an error. I tried to save it out as different formats (like ASCII), but still got the same errors (I think Blackboard did not recognize the hard returns in the text file). I tried to create the same text file in Notepad in Windows and I did not receive any errors. But I wanted to do this in Mac OS X. What program can I use in OS X to achieve this same success I had in Windows?

I decided to look for another text editor to create this file. I found TextWranger: http://www.barebones.com/products/textwrangler/index.shtml. I created the same text file in TextWranger. Now I will give a step by step on how I saved the file:

1. Type in the info for the Batch Enroll file:

“org ID”,”user ID1″,”Role-S,P” *hard return
“org ID”,”user ID2″,”Role-S,P” *hard return*

2. Go to File—-> Save As

3. Click on the Options button

4. For Line Breaks, choose DOS

5. Click OK

6. Choose a place to save it and click Save.

Load this file into Blackboard and you will not receive errors when enrolling the users. Enjoy!

To view the screencast, click on the link below:
Batch Enroll Users In Blackboard 7 Using TextWrangler for Mac OS X