I recently experienced gross aggressive driving. How gross? So gross I called my local barracks of the PA State Police to report it. It all started on Tuesday April 29th. At around 8:20am on I-95 in PA, a driver was severely tailgating me. I couldn’t get over so I drove the normal speed limit. The driver then proceeded to almost clip the back of my car, hold down the horn when they passed me, flip me off, then almost clip the front of my car. Traffic started to slow down due to the early morning commute, so I got their license plate and the make of their car (because they were in front of me, smart of them, I know):

PA Plate # EYP 6439
Make: Buick LeSabre early 2000’s
Markings: Faulkner dealership sticker, back window Philadelphia Soul Indoor football team sticker, a license plate frame of the Philadelphia Soul, and 2 bumper stickers: My Dog is Smarter than your Honors student and Hang in there America: 1/29/2009

The driver was a women, mid 30’s, mid length, curly blond hair. She proceeded to swerve in and out of lanes till she exited on Exit 4 in NJ North towards Pennington.

So I figured, whatever, she’s late. Well it happened again, on May 1st, same time, same car, swerving (no beeping this time thank God), same I-95 but this time it was a different driver (male). Didn’t see where he exited, he swerved that much in and out of lanes (almost causing a few accidents in the process) and was speeding that I was no where near him on the highway after a few minutes. I decided to call the PA State Police.

I asked the women on the other line “How do I file an aggressive driver’s report?” She said well we really don’t do anything once they’re filed. I was shocked, but I guess she was honest. She did take down my name and number for a State trooper to call me back to file one. I am still waiting for that call.

I did find a place where people are reporting drivers, it’s called http://www.platewire.com. I wish states would crack down more on this irresponsible behavior.