Today, I just installed the Firefox extension, PicLens. I found this extension to be deeply addictive. You can browse your image searches (through Google, Flickr, Yahoo!, Facebook, Picasa, just to name a few) using a 3-D wall. You can then view them in a slide show view or the 3-D wall view. I love it because you don’t have to click on the next page button. It’s like visiting an art gallery. The background color is black which makes it ideal to see a photo. Once you find a picture that interests you, you can click to make it bigger to see the detail or you can click on the arrow button at the top to go to the site to see the actual picture. You can get back into the PicLens view by clicking on the dark blue arrow that shows up on the picture after you hover on it at the top of the web page. You can also search for photos while in PicLens view by entering a keyword in the search bar at the top right and you can switch image search engines as well. This extension works on Windows and Mac OS X versions of Firefox. I think this is a great extension, especially for anybody that does extensive photo searches and for people that love 3-D design.

You can get PicLens here and find tutorials: