Many people share their videos with the general public on YouTube. Some people want to record videos but only want to share it with a few close friends. YouTube allows you to privately share your video with up to 25 people at a time. Here’s a brief tutorial on how to set your YouTube video to private.

1. Log into Youtube. You Tube url

2. Click on My Account and choose Videos, Favorites, and Playlists YouTube My Account

3. Click the Upload Video button. Upload video button youtube

4. Next to Broadcast Options click Choose Options

YouTube Broadcast Options

5. Choose the Private Options. You can then select people in your contact list to share this video with. You can also invite people to YouTube (by clicking Edit Contacts, but this will take you away from the video upload screen).

Private Options, YouTube

6. Click the Use Quick Capture button to start recording you video in YouTube. YouTube Quick Capture button

*You will be asked to allow YouTube to access your camera and mic, click on allow.

 Note: There was a hack that allowed people to view private videos on YouTube. Some people reported that the hack no longer worked because YouTube changed their code based on this discovery.