Today I created a form using a spreadsheet I created in Google Docs and Spreadsheets. What cool about this is that every time somebody fills out this form, my spreadsheet automatically updates with the information inputed from the Google Docs and Spreadsheets generated form. Here a brief tutorial on how you can create an online form from a Google Docs and Spreadsheets spreadsheet.

1. Create a new spreadsheet in Google by clicking on new

2. Name the spreadsheet

3. Fill out the top columns with the items you want to appear on your form (name, email, phone, etc)

4. Click on Publish tab. Click the Publish Now button.

5.  Click on the Share Tab.

6. Choose Invite People to: Fill Out a Form 

7. In the Preview window, copy and the url and email it out for people to fill out, or invite others to fill it out.

Now, if somebody enters information into the form, the spreadsheet will record those entries and time stamp then. This is a very productive new feature for Google Docs and Spreadsheets. Enjoy!