This was the first time I have been to an Educause event. I recently attended the Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a great way for me to connect and network with peers about IT and education. Next year’s conference will be in Philadelphia, PA.

Most of the sessions I attended where focused on training and instructional technologies, but I also attended sessions were focused on leadership and project management. It was also great to see that my peers and I are addressing and are faced with similar issues in a field that is constantly changing at a rapid rate. It was very enjoyable and I learned a lot and came home with a lot of different concepts and ideas, and new issues to think about. Based off the sessions I attended, I typed up my notes on Google Docs and published them. To view my notes, click here: Educause Notes on Google Docs. I encourage other attendees to share their notes as well.

The one issue I noticed that my fellow peers in Instructional Technology are facing is attendance in training sessions. It seems that nobody has a solution for this issue. My manager and I have made this a top priority to figure out how to improve training sessions in general and attendance (more specifically). We are also experimenting with “learning on demand” and learning spaces theory. We hope to find a solution and share our processes and techniques with others in this field and other fields.

On a yummy note, the food was very tasty 🙂

Link to Educause Mid-Atlantic Conference 2008 (all agendas and sessions, some presenters slide shows as well):