Today, I started to search for places that offered a decent amount of free space where I could upload I wide range of file types. There are many free ones out there, all with different storage sizes and interfaces. My student workers usually use FileDen or These are great tools, but I was looking for more free space. The two storage and hosting sites that I really liked where MediaMax and Multiply. The two are different, but are very useful depending on how you want to store and share you media.

MediaMax (I liked this file storage site a lot.)

-It offers 25 GB of free space.
-You can upload videos, music, text files, zip files, pdf’s, images, really anything.
-You can share your files via email through MediaMax, or you can host your file. Hosting your file provides a link. If you click on this link, you can view and play the video or the file.
-You can add restricted access to your files. In the Hosting folder in MediaMax, you can add a password. You can restrict IPs as well.
-You can stream your video files and force streaming as the only way for your viewers to see that video.
-You can add as many folder as you would like to organize your media and files.
-You can upload a 10MB file (the max you can upload for one file).
– You can download 1GB per month on MediaMax
-Sync files on your computer with MediaMax

The File Manager in MediaMax is the main place where you upload/download files, edit files, host files, and change settings. Having this interface makes it easy to manage and organize your storage space.


Multiply is different in that it takes a social network approach to storing files. It’s a place where you can share you files with friends and family.
-Unlimited storage space.
-You can add blog posts, images, videos,
-You can search and view what other members of Multiple are sharing
-People can comment on the stuff you share on your Multiply page.
-You can categorize your files by tagging them.
-You can write reviews.
-You can limit to whom you would like your files published to. You can make them public, or restrict them to your network, your contacts, or certain individuals.
-Friendly and easy to use interface. Reminds me more of a social networking site.

Out of the two, MediaMax has more features that I am looking for in a storage site. Take a look at both and see which one will work for you. Enjoy! 🙂