So you created a blog at WordPress and you are adding great content that you want others to read. How do you advertise your blog in a way that is easy for your readers to subscribe or check the latest posting of your blog? Why you can generate an RSS feed for your blog and distribute via email, social networking sites, web sites, online forums, etc. That sounds great, you say, but how do I generate an RSS feed for my WordPress hosted blog? Follow the tutorial below. 🙂

Generating an RSS Feed from your WordPress Hosted Blog

1. Type in the site where your WordPress hosted blog resides ( ) in a web browser.

2.  At the end of your web address, type in the word feed (

3. In an RSS feed reader (Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 have RSS feed readers built into them) you can subscribe to this url.

4. All your postings from your blog will appear, with the latest post first.

*Note: If you would like to generate separate RSS feeds for each category, you can add a side bar widget for categories, and click on the category. At the end of the category url in your address bar, add the word feed ( This RSS feed will now only show the posts filed under that category, not your whole blog. This is a good way to organize podcasts and vodcasts on your WordPress hosted blog. Enjoy!