Did you ever want a YouTube video to appear right inside your page of your blog? Moodle course? Blackboard course? web page? All you need to do to embed the video is copy the embed code on the YouTube and paste it into an area you write your text. Sounds a little confusing? Follow these steps and you’ll be embedding YouTube videos in no time.

1. Go to http://www.youtube.com

2. Use keywords to search for a video you would like to post on your blog, Blackboard, Moodle, or web page.

3. Once you found the perfect video, look to the right of the video. In the text box that describes the video, find the information in the text box next to the word Embed.

4. Highlight and copy (Control+c) the embed code (the information in the text box).

5. Open the application you want to embed the video in.

  • Blogs-Create a new post and paste (control + v) the embed tag into the text box of the post.
  • Blackboard-Open up the Content Area you want to add the video to. Create an Item. in the text box, paste the embed tag into the text box. Click Submit
  • Moodle-Go into the course you want to add the video. Add the resource Compose a web page. In the text box, paste the embed tag. Click Save Changes.

The YouTube video will now directly be displayed in the page and you can play it on that page.