Miro is an Open Source video platform for Mac OS X. What does that mean? It means you can search for videos on popular sites site such as YouTube and save them in your personal library. You can also add channels to your Miro. There are different topics that channels are split into such as Technology or Movies to name a few. Some people have compared Miro to iTunes. Here is one way you can use Miro to share your videos with others.

1. Click on Video Search in the top left column of Miro. You can also use the drop down (that looks similar to the search engine bar in Firefox) located at the bottom left of Miro.

2. Choose a video site you would like to search on for a video. Type in keywords of the video topic you are searching for (ex. YouTube: education).

3. Double click on the video’s icon to watch the video. To find out more details about the video, click on details button in the right hand side of the video text box.

4. Use the controllers at the bottom of Miro to play, stop, and pause the video.

5. If you like the video, you can keep it by clicking on KEEP. If you keep the video, it will put it in your Library.

6. To share this video with others, click on the SHARE button. You have the option of Emailing it to a friend, Post to Video Bomb (need to sign up for but its free-Video bomb is your own personal Miro channel to share w/ friends, staff, or students), Post on del.icio.us (social bookmarking), Post to digg, and Post to Reddit.

7. Enjoy!