Did you ever want to change the file format of a song you imported from a CD and played in iTunes? This is a common questions that we get. There are multiple softwares out there that can do this (one such Open Source tool is Audacity), but what if you already have iTunes installed? It’s a simple click away, but first we have to set our preferences correctly in iTunes.

1. Go to the Preferences menu in iTunes.

2. Click the Advance tab at the top.

3. Choose Importing. Make sure Import Using is set to MP3 Encoder in the drop down.

4. Click OK.

5. Now import an audio track from a CD. Click and highlight a track you would like to export as an MP3.

6. In the Advanced menu, click Convert this Selection to MP3.

7. You will now have an MP3 copy of this song in your iTunes Library. You can drag and drop this file any where you like on your computer.