1. Login to Moodle

2. In Your course, click on the “Turn Editing on” button. (Located at the top right).

3. In the side box titled “Blocks”, click on the drop down menu and select “Remote RSS Feeds”.

4. Click on the “Link to Configure the block” to display and edit RSS feeds.

5. Click on the “Configure this block” tab.

6. Check the check boxes of the feeds you want to add.

7. If you would like to add more feeds, click on the “Manage all my feeds” tab.

8. Add a RSS feed URL in the text box provided. *It’s optional to add a title for the feed.

9. Click the add button. *You can test your feed to see if the address is correct by clicking on the “Validate feed” link

10. Click on the “Configure this block” tab.

11. Check the check box of the new feed you just added. *It’s Optional to enter a title for the block, like “Class-name’s RSS Feeds”

12. Click “Save Changes” button.