I recently came across this list of 103 free (but not all Open Source or all cross platform, but some are) security applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Security is a fundamental component when using your computer, be it for work or leisure. This list is nice because it doesn’t include trail versions of software. Why not equip your computer with the software it needs to fight grayware and malware and do it without breaking your budget. This list is for a beginner in computer security to advanced power users. Even if you just breeze through the list and never heard of any of these terms, it is a good learning experience in computer security. Check out the list here at :http://www.itsecurity.com/features/103-free-security-apps-041607/.

Thanks to IT Security for this list. If you would like to view an abbreviated version of this list, click on the more link. To view the list with brief descriptions, visit the IT Security website.


1. Ad-Aware SE Personal [Windows]
2. Spyware Terminator [Windows]
3. Spybot – Search & Destory [Windows]
4. Winpooch [Windows]
5. SpywareBlaster [Windows]
6. Bazooka Adware and Spyware Scanner [Windows]
7. Windows Defender [Windows]
8. MalWhere [Windows]
9.Trend Micro Anti-Spyware for the Web [Web: Windows]
10. Zebra scanner [Mac]


1. McAfee AVERT Stinger [Windows]
2. PC Tools AntiVirus [Windows]
3. Clam AntiVirus [Linux]
4. AVScan [Linux]
5. ClamXav [Mac]
6. AVG Anti-Virus [Windows, Linux]
7. Avast Home Edition [Windows, Linux]
8. Housecall [Web: Windows, Linux, Mac]
9. Symantec Security Check [Web]


1. Sophos Anti-Rootkit [Windows]
2. Rootkit Hunter [Mac]
3. chkrootkit [Linux]


1. ZoneAlarm [Windows]
2. VisualZone [Windows]
3. PC Tools Firewall Plus [Windows]
4. Firestarter [Linux]
5. Firewall Builder [Linux]
6. TuxGuardian [Linux]
7. HardWall Firewall [Linux]
8. BullDog [Linux]
9. PeerGuardian [Windows, Linux, Mac]


1. Thunderbird [Windows, Linux, Mac]
2. Smart sendmail filters [Linux]
3. Sagator [Linux]
4. Tiger Envelopes [Windows, Linux, Mac]
5. Simple ASCII Email Encoder [Mac]

Web Utility

1. WinSCP [Windows]
2. Privacy Mantra [Windows]
3. Tor [Windows, Linux, Mac]
4. BarracudaDrive [Windows, Linux, Mac]
5. Firefox [Windows, Linux, Mac]
6. McAfee Site Advisor [Windows, Linux, Mac]
7. Opera [Windows, Linux, Mac]
8. PuTTY [Windows, Linux]
9. WebCleaner [Linux] Cyberduck [Mac]


1. SoftPerfect Network Scanner [Windows]
2. SecureRDP [Windows]
3. Colasoft Packet Player [Windows]
4. DomainScan Light [Windows]
5. SmoothWall [Linux]
7. nLive Core [Linux]
8. Network Mapper [Windows, Linux, Mac]
9. Wireshark [Windows, Linux, Mac]
10. Nessus [Windows, Linux, Mac]
11. dSniff Control [Mac]
12. Flame [Mac]
13. Server Admin Tools [Mac]

Intrusion Detection System

1. Snort [Windows, Linux, Mac]
2. HenWen [Mac]
3. Open Source Host-based Intrusion Detection System [Windows, Linux, Mac]
4. Prelude [Linux]

Virtual Private Network

1. SSL-Explorer [Windows, Linux, Mac]
2. OpenVPN [Windows, Linux, Mac]
3. IPSecuritas [Mac]
4. strongSwan [Linux]

Temporary Files

1. HijackThis [Windows]
2. Zappit System Cleaner [Windows]
3. CCleaner [Windows]
4. WinXPatch [Windows]
5. Advanced WindowsCare v2 Personal [Windows]
6. EasyCleaner [Windows]
7. CleanCache [Windows]
8. xpy [Windows]
9. Cookie Eraser [Windows]
10. Yet Another System Utility [Mac]


1. Kismet [Linux, Mac]
2. AirSnare [Windows]
3. myWIFIzone [Windows]
4. iOpus Private Internet Gateway [Windows]
5. LucidLink WiFi Client [Windows]
6. AirTrafficControl [Mac]


1. Pastor [Mac]
2. Access Manager [Windows]
3. RememberMe [Windows]
4. Kruptos 2 [Windows]
5. Crypt4Free [Windows]
6. PicSecret [Web, Mac]
7. GNU Privacy Guard [Windows, Linux, Mac]
8. TrueCrypt [Windows, Linux]


1. Active Security Monitor [Windows]
2. PreView 1.0 [Windows]
3. PC Security Test [Windows]
4. PCPal [Windows]
5. Simple File Shredder [Windows]
6. BCWipe [Windows]
7. Permanent Eraser [Mac]
8. S3 Change Explorer [Windows]
9. Process Monitor [Windows]
10. Check Failed Password Attempts [Mac]
11. CheckMate [Mac]
12. Checksum Validator [Mac]