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ThinkFree Show Online Beta is an online, free, and crossplatform tool that allows you to create, collaborate, share, and publish slide shows on the internet.

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ThinkFree Show Online Beta

★★★☆☆ I recently stumbled upon ThinkFree Show while reading a post on a blog. The subject of the blog was free software for broke college students. I decided to take a gander and some googling lead me to ThinkFree. I was looking for a free on-line collaboration software (like Google Docs and Spreadsheets) to create presentations (similar to PowerPoint presentations, I use S5, which is HTML and CSS based). Since Google will be adding a similar tool (Google Presently) to Google Docs and Spreadsheets, I thought I would ease my wait with this software (it has also been rumored that Google wanted to buy ThinkFree Show).

ThinkFree Show runs on Java. The first time you load it, it can be a little sluggish. Once it’s loaded, I did not have a really big lag in between actions I was performing (but I had lag none the less). If you are familiar with the Microsoft layout of PowerPoint, then you’ll feel at home in ThinkFree Show. It has the same graphics and menus as PowerPoint. Here are Pros of ThinkFree:

-1 GB of storage space
-Insert popular image formats: .png, .jpeg, .gif, .jpeg, .tiff, and .bmp
-Insert images from Flickr
-Tag your presentations- You can tag your presentations in categories to help with organization
-Cross Platform- works on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux
-Multi Language Support-Can view documents in 11 different languages
-Collaboration- Can collaborate and invite friends to just view your presentation or to edit with you (co-author). You can also add comments (keeps track of each comment you wrote) and keeps track of revisions (and retrieve them as new presentations in your folder).
-Publish your slide show on DOCEXCHANGE (share on ThinkFree server) webpages, the internet, or blogs. You can download the slide show to your hard drive.
-Slide Transitions- similar to the slide transition in PowerPoint.
-Save the slide as an image
-Slide Design themes
-Can read and edit a PowerPoint made in MS PowerPoint. Translated correctly and did not lose slides, images, clip art, text, or slide design layout.
-Clean User Interface- It’s interface reminds me of email and it’s pretty straight forward, not too cluttered or confusing.
-Search for documents, slide shows, and spreadsheets at the DOCEXCHANGE from other authors.

-Lags-can be slow at some times and when viewing the slide show for the first time. I kept getting a warning box that told me I can only view the slide show in HTML and to try again in a few minutes.
-Does Not save Automatically- unlike Google Docs and Spreadsheets, the slide show does not save automatically. A few times, I left the Power Edit mode to view the slide show, only to find out the changes I made were not saved. Every time you change something, you have to save it.

Overall, this software deserves 3 1/2 out 5 paninis. If you are looking for an online office suite that’s free and not Google Docs and Spreadsheets, check out ThinkFree today.

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