I recently had the benefit of working with a new service provided by Google, called Google Docs and Spreadsheets beta. I like the flexibility and ease with which you can create spreadsheets and text documents that are identical to those produced by other productivity software, like Microsoft’s Word and Excel.

One thing that you need to do before you can use this service is sign up for a Google account. After visiting the site and logging in, you’re presented with a similar interface to any spreadsheet or word processing software.

Some advantages of using Google Docs and Spreadsheets Beta include

  • having the ability to publish the documents live on the web
  • making them editable by other Google account holders whom you choose
  • chatting in real time with other collaborators about your work
  • inviting people to view your work in a protected format

You can also create an RSS feed for your documents to see if any collaborators made any changes at a glance.A new feature is the ability to write an e-mail and send it to an unique e-mail address that will create a document using the text of your e-mail. If you would to take a tour or sign up, check out the link here: http://docs.google.com