Hello all,

I have found more solutions to my automatic thumbnail and web gallery issue. These are all open source, are super easy to install (some work right out of the box!) and have cool features like navigation, rating, and comments. I will not go into the detail of how I installed the galleries but here were my guidelines for finding a php script to make thumbnails (essentially a web gallery)

-Should have a GD Library requirement
-Can not require a database backend (like MySQL)
-Open source
-Drag and drop photos with ease
-Should have navigation
-Ability to leave comments

So here are the php galleries that worked for me (running PHP 4 or higher, Apache, and have GD)

http://phpgraphy.sourceforge.net/  ~PhpGraphy-clean and simple, a favorite
http://www.sgal.org/ ~Singapore-one of my favorites
http://sourceforge.net/projects/ifoto/ ~iFoto
http://yapig.sourceforge.net/ ~YaPig-Nice layout
http://qdig.sourceforge.net/ ~Qdig

Follow the ReadMe files for these applications and you should be good to go. Another feature I liked about all of these is the ability to tweak the CSS. The design is up to you. Of course there are other choices out there, so google and check them out as well. Enjoy!