I am using Feedburner to post my pod/vodcasts and it's a God send. Make sure the contact you are pod/vodcasting can be read by the rss feed readers (iTunes can be picky with what formats of files it will play). Sign up for an account and have Feedburner point to your pod/vodcasts (example: https://angelb.wordpress.com/tag/vodcasts/feed). Then Feedburner will spit out a url for you to add to your blogroll (example: http://feeds.feedburner.com/HolyPaninis). I made two feeds for my vodcasts and podcasts. Test it out by subscribing with your favorite RSS feed reader. I hope this helps and happy pod/vodcasting!

rss-vodcasts.png I made this cool button with Brillant Buttons (check out my del.icio.us widget). It's a great site to make these sort of buttons for your blog.