Podcasting and Vodcasting with WordPress and Feedburner

-To create a Podcast or Vodcast, you will need to create content such as a .mp3 audio file or a .mp4 video file. Make sure the files are in a format that can be read and played by RSS feed readers.

-Once you have your content created, you will want to post the files up on another server (since you do not have access to the WordPress server). Once the files are up on a server, you have to write a post in your WordPress blog that contains the full url of that audio or video file (example:http://www.rider.edu/~yourname/yourcontent.mp3, not http://www.rider.edu/~yournname/yourcontent.mp3) so that the url will point to that content on the server. I also use .mp3 files and .mov files (encapsulated in .mov but are in mp4 format) so WordPress recognizes those extensions and adds enclosures in the xml file for the RSS feed automatically (there is no way for you to manually add enclosures since the blog is hosted on WordPress.com and only they have access to those files, but you can add them manually if you hosted the WP blog on your own site).

-Save your post, and locate the RSS feed of that WordPress post (it is an xml file). To locate the feed, you will want to post in only one of two categories to keep it clean and simple, podcasts or vodcasts. Once you posted (make sure the only tag for the post is either podcasts or vodcasts), you will see a link to a category on the right side of your blog (under the title Categories). Click on that link (either titled podcasts or vodcasts). In the url address bar, type feed after the slash of the category name (example: http://yourblog.wordpress.com/tag/podcasts/feed). Hit enter. This is your RSS feed in XML format. Copy this url. You will have two url's for RSS feeds, one for podcasts and one for vodcasts.

-Open Feedburner by going to the website http://feedburner.com. Sign up for an account. Once you have signed up, you will see an empty text box that says "Burn a feed right this instant". Paste the url you copied from WordPress (the RSS XML url). Hit Next. If your feed is correct, Feedburner will give you a url (link) to post on your blog that will allow readers to subscribe to your pod/vodcasts. The feed will look like this: http://feeds.feedburner.com/yoursitepodcasts (I added the words podcasts and vodcasts to this Feedburner url). Copy this url.

-In your WordPress blog, go to the Dashboard view (logged in), and click on Bookmarks. Click on Add Bookmark. Paste the Feedburner url in the URI text box, and type in the name of the link you want to appear on your blog (example :vodcast feeds). You can also add a button there to draw the attention of viewers. View your site. Now there is a link for your viewers to subscribe to for your feeds. Hope this helps!